Title Date Venue Organiser
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Combined Services v Scotland 26th Oct 2018 Lake of Menteith J Picken


Name of Member Member Type Job Title Location
Ian Arundale Chairman Chief Constable (Retired) Dyfed-Powys Police
Calum Fraser Secretary Sergeant Police Scotland
Martin Baker Vice Chair Retired Dorset Police
Malcolm Naylor EPFFA Sec. Retired Northumbria
Andy Farrar Region 2 Insp. N.Yorkshire
Ian Wood & Matthew Kneale Region 1 Cheshire & Lancashire
Phil Harding Region 3 Retired Derbyshire
Steve Owen Region 4 Staff West Mids
Steve Bignell Region 5 Retired Suffolk
Bob Casey Region 6 Retired Sussex
Nigel Rabbits Region 7 Sergeant Devon & Cornwall
Steve Short Region 8 Sergeant Metropolitan Police
Dave Cox Region 9 Sergeant Gwent Police
Jamie Picken Region 10 Police Scotland
Stevie Rea Region 11 Constable PSNI
Maicy Taylor EPFFA Retired Northumbria